You just bought a new bike…Road? Mountain? City? All these options will begin an adventure. You might start just around the neighborhood or your local park, but what is outside of that? As you gain experience and endurance these journeys take you further and further outside your circle and you get to see things like you never have them before or been places you thought were never there.  When cycling becomes more than a hobby you look further and the amazing places it can take you.  Up a mountain pass in Colorado on your road bike or down an alien landscape into a canyon in Moab bikes can take you there.  One of my passions along with my wife to see where our bikes can take us.  Some destinations are far from Texas but so amazing they are worth every hour of drive time. Especially when driving through some of the most beautiful countrysides and vistas in the US.

Our trip this summer was one of those journeys. The grand circle which it is called takes you from the Grand Canyon, Utah and Colorado and the 4 corners region. Every step of the way is a paradise for road and mountain bikers. Camping along the way and riding with good friends is the only way I imagine all of my trips.  Bicycles do a great thing…  They cover more distance than running and you don’t miss as much like taking a road trip at 60 mph.  Buy a bike and see where it will take you 🙂