John Vondra (General Manager / Owner)


Growing up in San Diego California, doing things outside was always just part of life. While outdoor activities were prominent, I never would have guessed how much biking, in particular, would impact my life.

With beginning aspirations to be a pilot through high school and joining the Air Force Reserves, things seemed certain, but I had a change of plans. Soon after my parents moved to Houston in 2003, I followed and tried to follow my next passion which was music and sound production.

The school was brief as I quickly landed a job as the producer for The New 93Q Q Morning Zoo Morning show in 2005 and worked on the show doing bits, booking celebrity interviews, social media and promotion work until roughly the end of 2011.

Around that same time, difficult times and life changes drew me closer to my hobby and passion for cycling. From road riding and mountain bike races, it became less of a hobby over time and more of a way of life. Seeing how it changed my life in such positive ways, I wanted to share my experience with others, and help change their lives through cycling as well.

I started working at places like Sun and Ski Sports, and then after a 5 year run at Bike Barn as a top salesperson and manager, I started to meet some great people that shared their skills with me along the way. I spent two weeks at the Barnett Bicycle Institute before even landing a job knowing this is what I wanted to do…learn to fix bikes and change people’s lives by getting them out riding.

With some great help from our partners, I am proud to offer what I have learned with our own shop in Kingwood Texas!

Nothing is more important than the customer’s shopping experience, and the local community where our people ride.